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I started STAT Medical Billing Service when my husband, Joseph Greenberg, DPM let his biller go, about fifteen years ago. I understand what it means to take your livelihood into my hands which is something a regular employee just cannot understand or appreciate the way I do, because I see things from the perspective of the provider, not of the employee.

Our Specialties

We specialize in Podiatry, Internal Medicine billing, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Optometry, and Dermatology. We service Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Make the Switch

Having trouble with your integrated EHR billing service? Are they not living

up to their promises? Are your paying more than you were lead to believe? Call us at stat medical billing service where you will always get long term top notch service without burdening your staff since we do our own follow up. There are never any hidden fees and we are a company that genuinely cares about your bottom line.

In-House Billing

Want to keep your billing in-house? With the use of the remote desktop connection, depending on your software that is a strong possibility. We can work with several billing software and EHR programs allowing you to keep your billing in house.