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The average medical office billing representative is pulled in too many different directions in a medical office.  The employee designated to do billing is often interrupted by patients, phone calls and other office duties, taking them away from focusing on billing issues.  It is also very difficult to stay current with the ever changing rules for medical billing with the various insurance companies.  Typically, there is only one person in a small to medium medical office who is trained to do billing.  What happens if your expert leaves?


Our staff is fully dedicated to the task of billing and reimbursement.  We focus our resources on sophisticated software and skilled personnel which can provide more thorough documentation, accuracy and speed in processing claims. Our staff is continually educated regarding new billing procedures, industry guidelines and compliance issues.

Improved Cash Flow

Faster, more consistent reimbursements keep your practice more financially stable.

Convenience and Reassurance

A key benefit for providers outsourcing their billing needs is their increased ability to focus on healthcare rather than managing their personnel and billing operations.  We provide detailed and summary reports for however much information you want on your billing and A/R.

Improved Patient Relations

A multitasked medical office employee can lack patience and diplomacy when faced with the pressures of a busy office.  Details can be overlooked by the busy and stressed medical office employee.  We take pride in being able to address your patients’ concerns in a friendly and respectful manner while avoiding conflict.

Improved A/R Performance

We base our rates on a percentage of the collected receipts.  This means we are paid only if you get paid.  This is an obvious performance incentive.  This type of incentive does not exist for an employee earning a wage.  Therefore, what incentive do they have in pursuing denied, difficult or old claims?

Reduced Costs

With the elimination of an office billing staff, direct cost savings include wages, taxes, insurance, vacation and sick time, hiring, training, bookkeeping, long distance calls, office and paper supplies, and postage.


Additional savings would come from elimination or reduction of computer hardware, software, licensing, upgrades, technical support, maintenance, downtime and staff training.